Algarve is the 2nd Cheapest European Resort for Travelers and Brexit Proof!

The Algarve is the 2nd cheapest European resort for travelers, an analysis of 20 seaside holiday destinations reveals.

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In first place, comes Bulgaria followed closely by Portugal’s Algarve and in 3rd place was Turkey, the UK’s Post Office Travel Money said.

The survey looks at the costs of several typical expenses that the average tourist will encounter, including lunch and evening meals, drinks, etc.

The most expensive destination was Sorrento in Italy, where prices were three times more expensive than the survey leaders…ouch!Typical Food 6

The survey concludes that these whilst any result is affected by the strength of sterling against the euro it is better than it was 12 months ago. The real reduction in costs are due to  competitive pricing in restaurants, bars and shops by as much as a third in some resorts.

The survey reflects what costs to expect in various resorts but not the quality of service, food or products bought there. Cheap is not always least just as expensive is not always best. I can speak personally for the Algarve and as many tourist will agree, quality has and still does rate very highly here whilst still being the 2nd cheapest destination in Europe.Typical food 8

So the Algarve comes out tops for value for money notwithstanding favourable weather for 12 months of the year not just the season and has the most frequent flights in and out compared to its close competitors.

But what about Brexit and the Algarve and Portugal?

Brexit means Brelcome, well at least it does in Portugal!

“Brelcome, Portugal will never leave you” affirms new tourism campaign aimed at the British.

– tourism bosses in Portugal unveiled a campaign in March 2019 to reaffirm Portugal’s ongoing commitment to its ‘oldest ally’ Britain. No Visas, access to the SNS health service and to the transport of pets is to remain the same………….read more