Algarve has Perfect Weather for a Convertible

Time to get your top down!

Honda S2000 in the Algarve

300 days of sunshine each year in the Algarve make driving a convertible a real pleasure. Though I have to say when we lived in the Algarve full time during July and August the top only came down for half an hour or so then up it went and airco on. Those months are just too hot to drive without airco! The rest of the year though is perfect and now that we only spend winters here we take every opportunity to zip around the twisties here in Monchique with the wind in my grey hair! 2009 Euromeet S2000

We also try to get away for a few days here and there, New Year in Cadiz Spain, the weather was glorious with temps in the high teens, no rain and blue skys a great trip only spoiled by the rudeness of the local Spanish people. Well there you go symptoms of Brexit perhaps?

We love to tour Portugal there are so many interesting places to visit, stacked with culture, history and excellent food, any excuse we off to somewhere and above all the people are polite and friendly, England’s oldest ally!spain8o2o5011 One of our favourite places to visit is Tomar, it has a Monastery and castle of the Knights Templars well worth seeing, the town is picturesque with great restaurants.

Our Honda is popular with the wildlife too, this Javali, (wild boar) was inquisitive and kindly left his muddy nose print on my car door, bless him!

Slalom at one of the Portuguese Honda S Dois Mil weekends in the north of Portugal.dsc_6694-25 A typical winters day on the west coast of the Algarve.IMG_20181223_135042_resized_20190131_032626475.jpg


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